Maximite & DuinoMite Control:


You will find MaxiMite kits on the market with prices right up to $90. There may be $20 or less worth of parts, including the case. These parts are nothing special, however the retail margin certainly is.

DuinoMite assembled boards can be as little as a third of this price in some cases. And all Olimex DuinoMite boards have carefully selected components to work reliably in an INDUSTRIAL temperature range -25+85C so the board can be used in INDUSTRIAL applications. Check the voltage regulation, and low power battery operation for each board. (NOTE Mini board only has +5 Volt input).

Don't pay Altronics $90 for a cheap kit when you can get a DuinoMite-Mini Assembled & Tested for $30.

You can now run the DuinoMite with standard MM-Basic firmware as a 12 pin GPIO MaxiMite device, thanks to Geoff Graham.

Maximite & DuinoMite Control:

This covers everything that is used to control the Maximite & DuinoMite Computer, or the PIC32 micro, and has nothing to do with any 26 pin I/O connector devices that are connected to the rear of the unit.

So it covers Keyboard, Screen, and SD card at this stage.
It may cover an on board Real Time Clock, with battery Backup, in the near future.




Any true PS2 Keyboard should work fine. They should be almost giving these away at op shops.

AT Keyboard with a 5 pin DIN connector and an adapter cable attached that converts to PS2 works.

USB keyboard, with a PS2 adapter, is also is performing well.


Not Working:

-2011-10-26 camfab:
anymore updates to which brands of usb keyboards work? i have a digitech flexible keyboard from jaycar, model xc5172, and i will only output constant v's when connected to my MM, via ps2 adapter. Doh

USB Wireless Logitech USB keyboards. Haven't got one to go yet.

I have chased PS2 Keyboards at JB-HiFi and Office works, and found, even to the amazement of the staff, that they no longer stock them.

It may well be, that in a couple of years time, we should be looking at a USB Keyboard Interface.

Two pins on the PS2 Keyboards connector are not used, and are usually directed to a mouse, when a "Y" mouse and keyboard cable is installed.

SD Cards:
Basically, you grab the smallest size SD card you can get your hands on.
The PIC32 has 128K Ram, and this is spread across many functions including video memory, so if you use a 128Mb card, you will never fill it. They should be almost giving these away at op shops.


ADATA 4GB $8 worth Operating voltage is quoted at 2.7 – 3.6 Works fine John
Agfa brand digital film card
Crucial Micro, 1 GB FAT32 This one is the bottom of the barrel, el cheapo
Digitech2Gb SD card from Dick Smith's. Seems to work Ok thus far. On special for $8 at the moment. Bargain.
Kingston 2GB SD (part number SD-M02G) works.
Lexar platinum II 8 Gig SDHC card works OK with the maximite.
Lexor 4  Gb sd hc mem sd card from BigW 10 bucks
LX series 16 Gb, SDHC, Class 10. It's fine too, though it could be a while before the Maxi collects that much data.
Sandisk Ultra II, 2 Gb, SD works fine.
SanDisk 128M: card ex digital camera and I can save files to it.
SanDisk 512MB: I plugged in my SanDisk Micro into the Micro/SD adapter, then formatted it with simple FAT, then copied all the Maximite files I could download onto the Micro card. My Maximite was able to load and run all the programs from my SD card.
Sandisk 2GB SD from MSY for $7 works fine too.
Sandisk  8Gb microSD SDHC card into SD converter.
SanDisk Ultra II, 4 GB FAT32 This one was is top of the line fast for digital cameras, I use this one in my Nikon 15 Megapixel camera
Secure Digital 128Mb SD
Transcend 4Gb SDHC 6 card works fine in my Maximite.
Verbatim SD cards, one 2GB formatted FAT, and one SDHC 4GB which is formatted FAT32. SD 512MB  works fine.

Not working:

Dick Smith brand 4 GB
Kingston 4Gb microSD SDHC card into SD converter.
SanDisk 4GB
Transcend 2G MicroSD: The card is fine, works on PC (And camera). But 'Error Accessing the SD card' when used in the Maximite

I haven't tested many, but it appears size doesn't matter, manufacturer may matter. We need some more data.

Something to try:
If you are powering your Maximite from USB, try the DC input plug with a 6 to 13VDC plug pack instead. See if that does anything different, and let me know the results.

Here is an old friend of mine, and he has uSD cards on some of his products.
might be some tips there to help.


Maybe the problem with the SD cards is not the cards themselves but an issue with the Maximite. When I built the WIB, i had the same problems that some of you guys are having with the Maximite. It came down to the 3.3v regulator output voltage being slightly low. I changed the resister bias and to give me a voltage as close to 3.3v as possible. Some SD cards have a very fine voltage tolerance (window). I just thought I'd share this experience with you in case it may help.


VGA Monitors.

The only time we have found that a monitor didn't work, was because of a design problem with our first Maximite SM1 boards.

See: for an explanation of the problem, and the fix.

I made the capacitor modification to my board and the VGA/keyboard is working fine now, thanks. David Kitts.


TV or Composite Video:

Corrupt data? Check the setup menu and set to the correct output for the TV or Monitor you are using.

Homebrew Board from BatchPCB  not firing up?

Posted By: Stuart Smith and trippyben

Thanks for posting this, had the same problem with my own home brew Maximite and found the solution here!!! I used a 10uF 25V Tant for C5 in lieu of the 10uF 16V tant specified in the BOM. With the extra cap (33uF electro in my case) between Vcore and Vdd the torublesome beast springs to life!

According to the microchip datasheet, the ESR of the Vcore cap must be less than 1ohm, I can only guess that the higher voltage rated tant is a little bit higher in ESR causing the problem?

Read the thread at:
A capacitor may fix your problem.

+5V Power supplies:

Have a look at this thread, and the use and acquisition of cheap AC to USB power supplies: =11

You may have several laying around the house now.

But it appears the best and safest type is: od-iPhone-DB3-/220748143328?pt=AU_MobilePhoneAccessories&has h=item33659d5ae0

Like about a buck each including postage.

(I still believe the Chinese Govt subsidizes all postage from China.)

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  1. Juri says:

    any usb keyboard i try (with usb to ps2 adaptor) result in only output constant "v" character…. my ps2 keyboard is about to die.. too bad!