Maximite & DuinoMite Age Demographics Poll.

MaxiMite & DuinoMite Age Demographics Poll

I was just chatting with Richard (tctec), and I was mentioning why I thought the Maximite and DuinoMite was becoming so popular.

Well, it is a real fun computer, or microcontroller system, at a very good price.

There are users jumping out of the wood work from 30 odd years ago.

Like me, many people launched businesses, and life time careers, on the back of the early Basic computers, and they just have to get involved with the Maximite.

The reasons are many. I am getting messages right now from the older group of users, that are writing games in Basic.

You did say games in Basic Don?

This is really crazy when you see what you can get today, on your iPhone, or iPad.

There is a new movement here which I am having trouble understanding.
It is the era of the iMax.

I really wonder how many younger users we have? Why not do a simple poll?

The corresponding Forum thread is at:

And yes, you can only vote once, sorry.


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