About Don McKenzie

Don is a 69 year old who has been in business since 1964, and owns and runs Dontronics.com

Lives at Gladstone Park (Tullamarine) Victoria, Australia.

Loves Australian V8 Super Cars, FORMULA One, and NASCAR Sprint Cup.

Known to watch a good game of AFL footy.

I don't mind dying, as long as they bury me with a nifty Netbook, and near a WiFi hotspot. :-)

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  1. Gary Creighton says:

    I am looking for a dead animal, you might say.

    Your board is sort of like what I am looking for, I want a very very low powered computer, all enclosed like a calculator with at least an LCD monitor, has a case and allows you to plug-in an external keyboard, has built-in BASIC programming language, allows you to save to MicroSD card pr SD card of any size, Has USB or Serial Port capability.

    Is there any new computer which is such as that? That might have a weeks-long battery life, allow one to create BASIC programs to create programs like any old 1980s or 1990s computer might do (like the old Commodore PET… but in a micro-size with micro components and micro power consumption).

    I wonder why no manufacturer seems to give that to us any more?

    Old programmable calculators were almost that; but they had limited LCD capabilities and no MicroSD capabilities.

    I would guess that anybody who created such an animal might make themselves a small fortune if they could convince the right people that it might be useful as a programmable controller. All controller boards seem to be bare bones, like your board, rather than like a real finished product that you could put in your pocket and take places without the need for external monitor only battery-powered.

    Any heard of some clandestine operation out there that has figured-out that someone might need or want such an animal?


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